• Product image with hair oil and hair butter and avocados in the foreground
  • Product image of the hair butter and avocados in the foreground
  • Product image with hair oil and hair butter and avocados in the foreground


Where do I start, at the beginning of course! My hair troubles began in 2015, even though growing up I never had any issues with my hair.  Suddenly, there I was shedding like I had a medical condition. 

Thankfully that was not the case because I did consult a physician,  and in fact they stated that I had plenty of hair follicles.


Going from the above before picture to the after picture was definitely not an easy process emotionally and mentally. If there is one thing I have learnt is that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. 

In order to resolve my hair trouble, I turned to buying a ridiculous amount of products from my local Afro hair store which, by the way, I never used to visit often. I then became very familiar and on first name basis with the staff and owners - let’s just say that my bathroom was a walking shop in itself!

After a while my frontal hair and volume that I once had was fast disappearing. This was when I started to invest a lot of time learning about different types of oils, herbs, natural remedies and their benefits. I started experimenting with lots of different formulations until one dynamic combination started to produce real noticeable hair growth. I began taking pictures purely because my husband was getting tired of me constantly flashing my camera phone light to my scalp to see if there was any growth or change in length. 

Nomadic hair oil was then born, and as time passed my hair flourished and friends became curious and all wanted to try this oil for themselves.

After many positive results from family and friends, I was then being commissioned to produce this on a larger scale for others to try which gave me the opportunity to reach a much more diverse audience. 

Nomadic Haircare has since taken off during the global pandemic with more and more people becoming fans of this eco friendly hair growth product. The range has now expanded from hair oil and hair butter to include a hair serum, hair shampoo and conditioner in the fight to combat hair loss and slow hair growth.